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ESOT Transplant Fellowships – application time: from the 1st September to the 15th October 2020

2 ESOT Transplant Fellowships are available every year in order to advance the clinical and academic knowledge and skills of senior European transplant trainees or junior transplant specialists by working in another European institution for a period of one year, attending a sound and well-structured clinical and academic programme.

Should you need more information please do not hesitate to contact Laura Contessi at laura.contessi@esot.org

The funds allocated for 1-year fellowship will be EUR 55.000. If the applicant opts for a 6 months fellowship, ESOT will offer half funding.


Terms of reference:
  1. Applicants must be no more than 45 years old at the time of application.
  2. Applications by transplant professionals of all disciplines will be considered.
  3. Only applicants who are ESOT members in good standing at the time of the application will be considered and only if at the time of the application they are senior transplant trainees or junior specialists in a European institution and wish to take their fellowship in another European Institution.
  4. Applicants must reside/work in Europe.


Applications will include:
  1. A complete CV of the applicant.
  2. A letter by the Department Head of the applicant’s home institution that has to address the applicant’s achievements and overall professional development.
  3. A letter by the Department Head of the hosting institution that needs to confirm acceptance of the applicant as well as to how achievable are the study aims considering the time and resources available. If the hosting institution is not UEMS-ESOT accredited, the Head of the hosting institution needs to produce a report as to how the training programme and overall clinical and academic work of the his/ her Department compare to the UEMS-ESOT training requirements for the specific discipline (transplantation surgery, medicine, coordination and immunology) for which the applicant is applying for. Please click here to find the updated list of UEMS accredited centres
  4. A statement by the applicant outlining the specific aims and anticipated outcomes of the fellowship as well as the importance of the fellowship for his/her overall career progression.
  5. A basic budget of the allocation of the funds.


Application calendar

Applications will be open from the 1st September to the 15th October for fellowships that will start no later than the 30th of November of next year.


Reviewing and evaluation process

Evaluation of the applications will be conducted by an Evaluation Committee.

Every application will be scored independently by each member of the Evaluation Committee; the application will be scored from 1-10 in the following domains:

a) overall career progression and achievements of the applicant 
b) evidence of a career committed to transplantation 
c) clarity regarding the aims of the fellowship and their feasibility 
d) relevance and importance of the fellowship to the career progression of the applicant 
e) standards of training, clinical and academic work of the host institution 
f) clarity of the budget 

The applicants with the 2 top scores will be awarded the fellowships.  



The results will be announced to the applicants in December.


Follow up & Acknowledgement

Within 8 weeks from the completion of the fellowship, successful applicants will be obliged to provide to ESOT a detailed report regarding their training as fellows and the relevant outcomes that will be published in a special Section on the ESOT website. Applicants who will fail to do so, will be deprived for life of their ESOT membership and banned for life from applying for any type of ESOT grants.

Successful applicants will present their work and achievements during their fellowship in a special session at the next ESOT Congress after the completion of their fellowship and their names will be in a prominent virtual “Hall of ESOT Transplant Fellows” on the ESOT website along with their reports and any material related to the time of their fellowship (clinical or academic achievements, photos, videos etc.).

In order to apply, please send your application with all the requested documents via email to Laura Contessi at laura.contessi@esot.org



In order to apply, please send your application with all the requested documents via email to Laura Contessi at laura.contessi@esot.org


Contact details

ESOT Team – Laura Contessi


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